Financing Your Property Development Project

Find the Property Finance for You

Property development can be a big investment for any individual or group. Even if you believe you have the correct funds, budgets can be revised and it can be difficult to complete the project. Before undertaking a project, always assess the options available to you.

“Securing any finance from the bank can be extremely difficult. Since the financial crash, new guidelines and restrictions mean that banks are less likely to supply sufficient funding for property development projects.”

Despite feasible and credible development plans being drawn up, banks have incredibly rigorous criteria’s in place that see these plans rejected. However, there are plenty of options available to you that will benefit your property development and ease pressure on budgets.

Securing Development Funding can Help

Since 2009, there has been a stark rise in the property lender market. This industry was typically dominated by big banks however new regulations have restricted their influence.

There are a wealth of private property lenders that have experience and a greater insight than standard bank lenders.

“Undertaking a property development project can be initially costly. Budgeting is incredibly important and receiving a short-term influx of cash can help speed up development and get the properties on the market quicker.”

These financial services have proven to be extremely popular with experienced property developers and up-and-coming ones too. Property lenders use their own private funds that can help bankroll the construction and development of a project.

Before contacting a property lender, we recommend that you assess the lenders’ past experience and case studies they have available for you to see. Choose a property lender that has received favourable reviews and is a lender you can trust will have your best interests ahead of theirs.