Property Services

We here at NCBS we provide people with advice on property letting service so if you’re in need of letting your property for extra money or whatever the reason then we’ll be happy to help you out.

Why we’re the best advice service out there?

  • There’s no hidden costs
  • You will understand more about the estate agent process
  • We offer a free advice cost
  • We are available all 7 days of the week to advise you
  • Repair issues are responded to within just an hour

Estate agents have been providing a safe and easy letting service for many years and they are better than any other competitor as will offer you the full package they do all the work for you and you pay them a small fee it’s as simple as that.

Houses are as expensive as ever so we it’s the perfect time to let your property today
Average house prices in London right now

  • Detached: £1,1 million
  • Semi: £700,000
  • terraced: £680,000
  • Flats: £530,000

Window cleaning

On your properties many companies provide a window cleaning service to ensure that your window are sparkling clean when visitors come to view your property and even once the property is off the market as it has found a tenant we still offer this service to happen on a regular basis.
If you have any queries about anything don’t hesitate to call us on 020 7851 4451 and we’ll be happy to help!
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