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Our business support advice pages offers support to help entrepreneurs in the UK set up and manage their new business. It is a free resource of articles and useful business tools that will aid and assist new businesses when it comes to marketing their company. See: Management Consultancy.

We have all the useful information, advice and support you need for running your own business with the help of specialists.

If you’re just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur there is something for everybody to learn and something you can contribute to in your business community and your competitive market. Read more about the market you’re in on business forums.

Your source of first-hand analyst expertise

Learning to understand what analysts want to see from you and your business can be slightly difficult. However, there are businesses that provide analyst services and coaching to help improve the relationship you have with the analyst community.

Here at NCBS we recommend The Skills Connection. They will work with you to achieve results that create a stronger and more efficient business.

They will advise and coach you on how to prepare for analyst assessments, to deliver briefings and how to stay in touch with the technology market. Click here to find out about starting with analyst engagement.

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